Nikkipic“Whether my inner state was peaceful or moderately frantic, Hilde always guided my energy back to center. She would always intuit any emotional complications or health issues I’d be dealing with. She’s gentle, loving and very attentive – a true gem in the healing arena. Very grateful we’ve crossed paths and that she’s dedicated to helping humanity!”
Nikki Benoit, Reiki Practitioner


IMG_1964“I felt safe and cared for when working with Hilde. She is very nurturing and patient, which helped me open up and get to the core of my issues very quickly. After working with her I feel more grounded, with a newly gained perspective on life. I have been able to move past old beliefs, and gain deeper insights spiritually, emotionally and physically.”

Yan Yamamoto, Spiritual Healer & Homeopathic Practitioner-in-training


Sylvieheadshot“Immediately after my sessions with Hilde I felt more grounded, and had many new insights. She is supportive and encouraging, and since working with her I have been able to let go of a lot of anger. Love her toning. This is her “miracle cure”!”
Sylvie Kanahele Chladek, Healer & Entrepreneur,  www.sylviechladek.com 


“Hilde has a sense of deep peace about her that immediately helps you relax. She has such a calm demeanor, and just being in her presence you can feel your stress melting away. I immediately felt safe, loved, and supported. It was easy for me to relax and let myself surrender into the practice. Hilde helped me connect with my source, and afterwards I felt light, with a deep sense of contentment.”
Marti Maley, Actor & Healer


“I had been feeling low energy and out of balance both mentally and physically when I started working with Hilde. She made me feel relaxed and safe during our sessions, and now I feel generally happier and more motivated. Physically and emotionally I feel better, and I have even decided that I want to write a book!”
Elisabeth Sørlie, Empath

Joanne“Working with Hilde made me realize that I have been carrying a lot of anger. Sharing many personal things with her, I really appreciate her non-judgmental attitude. She inspires trust and allows me to feel free to open up about my feelings. I now feel calmer and more accepting of myself. When I can relax, my singing gets better too. Thank you, Hilde!”
Joanne Vance, Singer & Songwriter

 “I’ve done vibrational healing, spiritual journeys, core belief sessions, Kundalini Yoga as well as Reiki sessions with Hilde! All I can say is that she is a truly pure natural force energy full of love!”
Rossana Brassea, Housing Coordinator

“When coming to Hilde I had been carrying stress for a long time and felt the need for grounding. Working with her has made me feel more confident, relaxed and stable. I also feel more assertive. Hilde is a wonderful spirit, she is very knowledgeable and has a calming, healing energy.”
Josephine Johansson, Musician & Graphic Designer