How Following My Intuition Empowered Me To Pursue My True Purpose

Have you ever made a decision thinking you were completely on the right track, but then found that the universe had other plans for you?

You may have thought that you were totally following your purpose and doing the right thing, but then you hit a brick wall, and you realized that you had to take stock and rethink your plans.

Our intuition is that small inner voice that sometimes speaks to us very clearly, but more often is just a gentle whisper that can often be difficult to hear and follow. Paying attention to it is important though, as I was reminded of this last summer…

Last summer was a particularly difficult one for me. At the beginning of the year I had decided to go back to college to finish my degree. I was excited about it and although it was a lot of work on top of my full-time job and my part-time yoga and coaching business, I was loving it! Throughout the first semester all was well and I was learning a lot. Then the summer semester hit, and things started to unravel. I found myself depleted and depressed, with no motivation to do much of anything, let alone studying. I realized that something was not right and I needed to slow down.

I began turning my attention inwards, meditating and spending time in nature. As I did, I discovered something important: All my attention had become wrapped up in school and work, and I had let go of the things that nourished my soul and provided joy to my heart. Essentially, I had lost my connection to spirit. Yoga, meditation, Reiki and all the other spiritual practices that I used to love and regularly enjoy had been quietly slipping away. Not entirely, but enough to make a difference.

Society has a way of putting demands on us and make us believe that we have to do certain things to be accepted and prosper in life. You need to have a college degree to be successful, is an example of such a belief. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that getting an education is a bad thing. Studying and learning new things are very important for both our personal and professional growth. However, there are many types of education, and the traditional route of going to college may not be for everyone. That does not mean that you cannot still be successful and happy.

As I started to bring my focus back to my spiritual practice, I slowly began to heal. Little by little, I allowed my intuition to guide me back to a state of peace and grace. I became more and more clear, and felt stronger and more in touch with my inner power. In the end I decided to drop my education, and although it was not an easy decision, when I did, I felt a huge sense of relief.

Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way and have to face that brick wall, before we realize that we were heading in the wrong direction. Having said that though, I really don’t believe that there is such a thing as a wrong direction. Sometimes it is necessary to have a particular experience to learn an important lesson. As long as we listen to what our inner voice is trying to tell us, it can help us to correct our course so that we can get more aligned with our true self and our soul’s purpose.

In hindsight I am very grateful to have experienced what I did last summer, as it made me discern what is really important to me. Yes, it was a painful lesson, but it helped point me in the direction of my heart and encouraged me to follow my inner guidance, instead of trying to please other people or doing what I thought of as the “right thing to do”. Taking that one step further, it also helped me to see that I had all the skills and training I needed to pursue my purpose of being a spiritual coach all along. Perhaps I just needed to try out the college path in order to know that it wasn’t the route for me, and let it go once and for all.

Now more than ever I have a renewed confidence in myself and the spiritual tools that I have at my disposal, knowing that the more I listen and pay attention to my inner guidance, the stronger I will be. Intuition is, in my opinion, the number one empowerment tool that we can use to improve our lives. Allow it to guide you, and rediscover your inner power and purpose!

With love,


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