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Have you been told that you are highly sensitive, empathic, or perhaps even an old soul?
Do you feel that you are here on earth to do something important, that you have a mission, but you still don’t know what it is?
Do you feel a strong call to be of service and help others, but you often don’t get back as much as you give, or easily get burnt out?


I am so happy to have you here!

We are in an unprecedented time here on earth, a time of awakening into higher dimensions of being. We are awakening to who we truly are, to our mastery, the magnificent beings that we are deep down. Our 3D way of life has kept this truth hidden from us, but now it is time to step up and step out of the shackles of the third dimension. As old souls, we are the first ones to awaken to this truth, and we are the healers and the wayshowers for the earth, here to help the planet and the people on it awaken to a beautiful new way of life.

However, the process of awakening is a bit like giving birth to a new you, and as we all know (whether we have given birth or not), the birthing process can be very painful. We are purging and clearing all the pain from our past, both ancestral and past life karma. It is brought up so that we can heal and let it go once and for all. But it can be a struggle to deal with this and get through to the other side. If you are experiencing this, and feel overwhelmed and in over your head, I am here to help…

 Hi, I am Hilde…

… a Vibrational Healer & Ascension Coach. I help sensitive and empathic old souls and light workers to connect to the love and light at their core in order to align with their own soul essence and express their true mastery.

Using a blend of coaching and vibrational healing, I help you heal and balance your chakras so that you can more fully align with your authentic self and express your unique light to the world, as you break free from any fears and emotional blockages that may be holding you back!

As an awakened old soul, empath and highly sensitive person, I know the challenges that the awakening process is making us face. I also know that the only way to deal with these challenges, are to clear out past hurts and heal our shadow side, as we align with our heart and our soul’s light.

We are often being made to feel that there is something wrong with us for being spiritual, sensitive and introverted. But as a healer, being sensitive and an empath is my greatest ally, as it helps me sense and intuit my own needs as well as those of my clients. It was when I fully embraced this side of myself, and began to love myself completely with all my perceived flaws, that I could begin to live a fulfilled and joyful life and truly step into my mastery.

Going within and connecting with my heart, with unconditional love, beauty and bliss is what sustains me and uplifts me. Learning to honor my heart and soul, and knowing that I deserve all that my heart desires has been and continues to be the greatest lesson to elevate my own essence and experience unprecedented joy, peace and abundance.

And now it is time for you to embrace your own inner essence, and sing your soul’s song!

It is my deepest joy to be able to share my work as a healer and chakra coach, to help you balance and elevate your vibrations, so that you can live in alignment with who you truly are. Tapping into the energy of unconditional love helps you to heal and release your past, as you embrace and expand your own inner light.

Loving yourself fully and completely means to put yourself first, nurturing yourself, and following your own guidance, so that you can then give back to the world through your own uniqueness. We all have something special to offer the world, and you are no exception.

The power of love, the power of the heart, can create miracles, if we only dare to open up to it. If you have been feeling a nudge, or even a deep yearning in your heart for something more, something greater, now it is time for you to step up and claim it!

Release what stands in your way and awaken to more beauty, joy, love and abundance in your life. Open your heart and soul to a greater experience, and embrace your life’s mission!

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Nikkipic“Whether my inner state was peaceful or moderately frantic, Hilde always guided my energy back to center. She would always intuit any emotional complications or health issues I’d be dealing with. She’s gentle, loving and very attentive – a true gem in the healing arena. Very grateful we’ve crossed paths and that she’s dedicated to helping humanity!”
Nikki Benoit, Reiki Practitioner